Who is a Successful Scientist?

Being little children we have dreams about whom are we going to be in their future. Though your dream was to fly into outer space, you chose to keep your feet on the ground and let your mind wonder and research. Being attentive, hard-working, intelligent and efficient you have every right to call yourself a scholar, but first of all you are to prove it to the others. A scholar is a scientist researching the field of his interest and contributing to it. A scholar is doing a vital job: getting to the essence of things and makes an explanation, an outline, readable and understandable for the colleagues and interested individuals. Excellently written dissertation thesis is not enough to call oneself a bright scholar, for your research may be covered with dust and buried under a pile of similar works. You have to be genuinely interested in what you are doing and get some of your writing into your head for further research. If you want your masters thesis to be read and forgotten you may formulate your thesis statement in a “keep it simple” kind of way. You won’t have to worry about your thesis drawing attention. But if you are concerned to show a completely new approach, or state a new point of view or you got luck and made an important discovery, your work can be published by mass media and bring you success. Top priority for every scholar is to help humans live in comfort, keep them informed and provide them with everything necessary for fair development and success. You are to create authority to communicate with other scholars on friendly terms and assist each other in doing research. A scholar is never tired to investigate and try, experiment and risk. It can take years to come to a conclusion or a discovery, which, by the way, may turn out to be false eventually. A true scholar never gives up trying to find out the truth. Motivators are fame, recognition and a fortune if your discovery brings stable income. That is practically all, what ambitious people need in their lives. There is nothing more awarding than respect in your family, acclaim among colleagues, financial freedom and a bookshelf full of your editions that will make you famous forever.

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